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VistaPrint 250 Business Cards, Gratis

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Any new business owner that is interested in marketing his products is most likely to be a bit confused about some of the problems associated with marketing his business for profitability. Doing business is supposed to be simple, provided it is approached with the right marketing strategies. He/She  might also have problems with the level of expenses needed to be incurred for the marketing campaign to successful.  Listed below are examples of how you can promote your business without exhausting your budgets.

Use of business cards

Some companies have made an arrangement with popular business cards and printing services companies, with the aims of getting them to design some catchy complimentary cards and other business promotion items like stationeries, t- shirts, mugs and others. An example of such a company is; they also came up with the idea of giving out about 250 free business cards and other branded gift items with the company’s logo embossed.

Must have a website

Any serious business that is trying to make an impact in today’s competitive business world must have a functional website and some samples of the 250 free business cards. They are enough to expose your business to potential customers. The cards can be obtained from; websites domains are very easy to buy from can also be hosted for a mere $5/month on Hostgator. Your website can be made active using WordPress or blogger, they already have inbuilt templates and CMS solutions that have been customized to suit your needs, but if you need a website that is tailor made for you, just give it to any freelance web designer.

Organize seminars

An online or open seminar for your customers is another avenue to market your business, it is a way of getting the business exposed to a potential buyer or buyers. After the seminar you can also present some of your business cards to the invited guests along with other promotional items.

Business synergy

This is a means of getting other people in your business line to form a joint venture that can open your products to the outside world. You can leverage these to your own advantage.


Newsletters are the medium you can use to introduce your business to the outside world. Just publish a two or three page press release on your website, you can also use other websites that specializes in publishing newsletters that are meant for general public. Professional approaches and correct English very important before your newsletter can be read or taken serious. However, if you are too busy to write one you can hire a freelancer from to prepare one for you.

Written by Steve

May 26, 2010 at 8:27 pm

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