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Chelsea Clinton as News Anchor on Rock Center

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English: Chelsea Clinton in Philadelphia, USA....

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Chelsea Clinton’s NBC Debut On ‘Rock Center’ (VIDEO)


Chelsea Clinton made her debut on NBC News Monday night, filing a report from her home state of Arkansas on “Rock Center.” Clinton’s sudden transformation from private citizen to special correspondent for the network has caused its

The TV Watch: Chelsea Clinton Finally Embraces Her Celebrity


Chelsea Clinton gave an utterly unsatisfying explanation on Monday for why she made her debut as a special correspondent on NBC’s magazine program, “Rock Center with Brian Williams.”

Insomnia? Good News, Chelsea Clinton Debuts on NBC’s Rock


While the woman highlighted in Clinton’s first piece is a great example for us all, it’s clear that it’s wasn’t Chelsea’s magnetic personality that landed her the NBC gig. They may need to rename her segment “The Lunesta

Chelsea Clinton On Rock Center | Brian Williams | Video | Mediaite


When Chelsea Clinton was announced as a contributor to NBC’s news magazine show Rock Center with Brian Williams, there was a mixture of guffawing and curiosity among many media circles. Ms. Clinton is perhaps the

Chelsea Clinton’s Debut « The Anchoress


I don’t think Chelsea Clinton is the world’s most boring human, but it’s hard to argue that she has any mad skilz for this kind of work, either . . . The whole exercise appears to be intended to promote the next generation of

Chelsea Clinton Makes Debut on NBC Nightly News: VIDEO |Gay


Chelsea Clinton made her debut on NBC Nightly News last night. TVNewser was impressed by her delivery but the NYT’s Alessandra Stanley seemed consumed by Clinton’s motives: Television gives Ms. Clinton more than a


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