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Shroud of Turin

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Scientists Say Shroud of Turin Created By Ultraviolet Lasers – A

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Scientists believe the image on the Shroud of Turin, thought to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, was created by an ultraviolet “flash of light.” However, this technology was not available prior to the 20th Century.

The Forum: Shroud of Turin


Just days before Christmas, a new study has emerged that suggests that one of Christianity’s most prized but mysterious relics – the Turin Shroud – is not a medieval forgery but could be the authentic burial robe of Christ.

Shroud of Turin: Scientists say Jesus relic is the real deal – Pop2it


Scientists say that the imprint could not possibly have been faked with the technology available when the shroud emerged in the medieval period.

Shroud of Turin authentic, Italian scientists, Created by flash of


I have been in the process of gathering data for another report on the Shroud of Turin. Reporting from the mainstream media has never been more suspect. In the midst of doing more research, I watched a show on the Shroud

This just in: Shroud of Turin is real, Christianity vindicated! « Why


This just in: Shroud of Turin is real, Christianity vindicated! Nearly everyone knows about the Shroud of Turin, a cloth containing the images of a man, and said to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Here it is: Dating of the cloth has

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December 22, 2011 at 6:31 pm

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