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Are you fat and like to complain publicly about what you see on TV: You can be President too.

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Are you fat and like to complain publicly about what you see on TV: You can be President too.

English: Newt Gingrich with a crowd in Ames, Iowa

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Tonight’s win in South Carolina by Newt Gingrich amazes me as his past is so unappealing, his style is so juvenile, and his personal life is so trashy how can anyone like Newt, especially 150,000 voters in one primary. After getting blasted in Iowa and New Hampshire with horrible loses, I really had hoped it was all over for the Newt.

Tails of Grandeur

First thing is his tails of grandeur. How he single handily saved America three times over the past three decades and was the right hand man to Presidents that barely remember his name. How he was responsible for the Reagan revolution even-though he was only on board for two months. How his time as speaker was the most incredible time for Republicans, even-though all the Republicans wanted him to leave in his third year and got rid of him in his fourth.

Personal Life

Then comes his personal life, did anyone in South Carolina watch the ABC story that aired this week? Because Marianne Gingrich is obviously telling the truth when she talks about the tramp Calista Gingrich and then defends her ex-husband when ethical questions arise. Who sleeps with a married man for 6 years and it doesn’t bother them at all? That is some seriously non-Christian trash. Plus he left his first wife when she was dealing with cancer to only turn around and leave his second wife while she battles MS, unbelievable.

The First Lady

I covered this a little in the last section but do we really want someone as the First Lady that slept with a married man for 6 years and it did not bother them, she was OK with an open marriage? Come on, that’s not First Lady material. Gingrich thought she was a ticket to the White House, a third wife is only a ticket to a lot of alimony payments.

Yelling at the TV

Who doesn’t know an old grumpy fat man who yells at the TV on a regular basis. And they even do it in public at times. Now, who considers this person someone that should be President? That’s all Gingrich does in the debates is yell at the reporters because he doesn’t like broadcast news reporting. If that makes him qualified to be President, I have three guys on my block that should also be running.

Please Florida, don’t vote for the grumpy old fat man with his tail of grandeur and his trashy 3rd wife who only yells at reporters during the debates.


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