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Kim Kardashian Another Wedding? Look at her numbers from her last.

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I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about Kim Kardashian and her wedding with that basketball dude, Kris Humphries. It’s quite controversial, really. Lots of folks are criticizing her for getting married, then later filing a divorce in no less than 3 months, making the whole deal seem like a joke. The crowds are overacting, huh? Well, I think the reason why a lot of folks are mad is because the wedding itself was quite over the top! How over the top, you might ask? Unless you’re living under a rock, you could have seen how much publicity the wedding caught – from news, to your television, the whole ordeal was everywhere. What makes it controversial is that they got paid for the coverage. They’ve also spent millions for the wedding! How much, you ask? You should look at this infographic made by to find out – as well as how much would an average American couple would normally pay for each item. You’d be surprised, trust me!

Source: Brilliance Loose Diamonds

Kim Kardashian Another Wedding?

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  1. […] was only just getting going, and 24 hour news channels were still a lifetime away. The life of the average celebrity was a lot more private, which means their extravagant and ridiculous gifts could slip through […]

  2. […] Kim Kardashian Another Wedding? Look at her numbers from her last. ( […]

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