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2013 Ford Fusion

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White Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010.

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2013 Ford Fusion debuts along with 47-MPG Fusion Hybrid, 100


Your eyes do not deceive you – the sleek, pretty, low-slung sedan you see above is indeed the 2013 Ford Fusion. But don’t think that the 2013.

Detroit Auto Show: 2013 Ford Fusion –


The redesigned midsize sedan is said by Ford to achieve class-leading fuel economy, with a new plug-in model said to achieve the equivalent of 100 m.p.g. or better in purely electric mode.

2013 Ford Fusion leaks onto web… again


Embargo breaks are par for the course with big auto shows, and this year’s Detroit Auto Show is no different. The 2013 Ford Fusion appears to be big.

2013 Ford Fusion, Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi at the 2012 Detroit

2013 Ford Fusion, Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. 2013FordFusion. Competes with: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Malibu; Looks like: Ford’s Evos Concept bore fruit … right away

DETROIT AUTO SHOW: The 2013 Ford Fusion Shows Off Its Hot


If you just bought a new Ford Fusion, we feel really sorry for you. Ford’s bread and butter midsize sedan is going to be all new for 2013 and it simply looks amazing. The body is a bold departure from the current Fusion and


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January 9, 2012 at 5:16 pm

What You Want To Know About Badge Lanyard

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A convenient means to display people’s identification and credentials is with a badge lanyard. A badge lanyard is usually about an inch wide and designed for wear like a necklace. They can be of any material including woven fabric and ranging all the way to braided plastic cords reminiscent of 20th century summer camp crafts. A holder for personal id and credentials is attached to the bottom of a Badge lanyard. Because they provide a convenient means to display information about a person, businesses frequently use them at meetings and conventions. Lanyards are available in most colors and can be personalized with a company name and logo or both. This personalization presents an excellent opportunity for inexpensive advertising which gives a lanyard a dual purpose.

When selecting a lanyard its intended use should be considered first and include thought about the quality needed. Many low–cost examples are on the markets that are perfectly suitable for a limited duration event of one or two days and little else. Remember these are not manufactured for long-term use so they are flimsy and lack durability. A company that requires employees to wear id at all times needs to purchase a good quality lanyard. The ideal selection is heavy–duty lanyards equipped with good badge holders and clips.

Badge holders differ in reliability. For permanent lanyards, the holders should be thick plastic with strong, break resistant eyelets. Clips are available in numerous styles. Some, such as the key ring clip, are suited for badge holders that are rarely removed. In contrast, spring clips, similar to clothespins, are perfect for temporary use such as at conventions.

Spring clips permit quick badge connection or removal. Breakaway clips are ideal for credentials and passkeys that need to be scanned or swiped often. Purchase of lanyards can be by the individual piece or in bulk. These items are readily available on the Internet. They are also available in most office supply stores.

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