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Rihanna States How Much She Likes Chris Brown

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Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Ente...

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rihanna appears to still have a thing for Chris Brown. She recently sat down with Oprah and told her Chris Brown was her best friend. Apparently, Chris is the only person she has ever been able to talk to about everything that goes on inside of her life. Doing her interview with Oprah, Rihanna shed tears while she discussed not being able to talk to Chris anymore. She and Chris Brown went through a difficult situation, but she still misses talking to him.

Rihanna also stated something else very interesting during her interview with Oprah: she said that she felt sorry for Chris Brown after the public turned against him. People who doubt Rihanna still cares for Chris Brown should see this statement as an obvious sign that she is still in love with him. Rihanna loves Chris Brown so much; she told Oprah that she did not even want the public to know what happened, because she did not want Chris to get bad attention.

Rihanna clearly has deep feelings for Chris. After all of the abuse she took when she was inside of the car with him, she was more worried about him than she was about herself. She told her interviewer that she wanted him to be successful. She also said that she is still a fan of his music, and she supports what he does.


The Death Of Whitney Houston And The Grammys

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English: Whitney Houston in Milan. Português: ...

English: Whitney Houston in Milan. Português: Whitney Houston em Milão. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LL Cool J spent the night preparing for the Grammy’s because he had been selected to be the host for the Grammy Awards of 2012. During his preparation, he received a startling call in which he found out about Whitney Houston’s death. Once the rapper and actor heard the news, he decided to switch up the beginning of the ceremony, starting it off with a prayer for the late Whitney Houston, especially since the music industry had now suffered such a huge loss as a music icon passed away.

The decision LL Cool J made has been added into a documentary that portrays the way that Whitney Houston’s death right before the Grammy’s changed the awards ceremony. The Grammy Awards are known for being the biggest awards ceremony for the music industry and for a music legend to die directly before, there was a huge impact. A documentary has been made about the changes that had to take place due to her death, which is referred to as A Death in the Family: The Show Must Go On. The documentary film was made in the LA area.

While LL Cool J decided to start the ceremony off with prayer, he was not sure exactly how he was going to make it happen. He asked his wife for her opinion and she believed that it was a good idea. LL Cool J simply was not sure whether or not the executive producer of the Grammy’s, Ken Ehrlich, would be fond of the prayer idea. He decided to go with it anyway. After all, the CEO of The Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, made it clear that Whitney would want the Grammy’s to continue even though she passed. Portnow says that Houston would have said, “It is all about the music and the show must go on.”

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July 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm

Design a Drew Barrymore Inspired Wedding

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English: Drew Barrymore at the premiere for He...

English: Drew Barrymore at the premiere for He’s Just Not That Into You. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrity weddings are often a great source of ideas and style inspiration for brides. While we can’t all throw weddings with six or seven figure price tags, most star weddings have some beautiful ideas than can easily be adapted for weddings with more typical budgets. These are some ideas on how to design a wedding inspired by Drew Barrymore‘s recent wedding celebration.

The Location:

Start by choosing a beautiful outdoor location for your nuptials. Drew’s wedding was on her multi-million dollar estate, but you could just as easily rent the grounds of an historic mansion for the day to get the same effect. Pretty pink flowers were the main decoration for her backyard wedding. With a lush bouquet of hot pink peonies and pretty pink garden roses, you can have a bouquet just like Drew’s.

The Wedding Dress:

Leading up to the wedding, the biggest question was what would Drew Barrymore’s wedding dress look like. Ultimately the pregnant bride chose a custom Chanel gown made from pleated organza and muslin. Her gown had a jewel neckline with a dramatic ruffle around it and three quarter length sleeves. The skirt had tulle and feather flowers on it, and a black sash at the waist completed the couture creation. While the typical bride will not be ordering Chanel couture, there are certainly some lovely wedding gowns available with sleeves these days. Or choose a strapless dress and wear a fitted bolero with three quarter sleeves and a ruffle neckline over it. Add a black ribbon to the waist of your gown, and the look will be fabulous. Substitute glamorous cz bridal jewelry for her Chanel diamonds, and you will be gorgeous!

The Food:

The food at Drew Barrymore’s wedding sounded great. The reception started with fancy appetizers and lobster rolls. Dinner was family style with steak and fried chicken (you didn’t expect Drew to do anything stuffy, did you?). These are easy things to incorporate into your own wedding, and certain to be crowd pleasers. Dinner was served with a custom label wine; instead of buying your own vineyard, simply order small bottles of wine with custom labels for your wedding favors. She ended the reception with a visit from a food truck, a popular wedding trend that many regular brides can emulate.

The Music:

The music at Drew Barrymore’s reception was a 1980s cover band, which sounds like great fun. What really made it work, though, is that it reflected her personal style and taste. So if you and your fiance love bluegrass, hire a bluegrass band. Or hire a band that covers heavy metal power ballads if that is your taste; the point is that any great wedding reflects the personalities of the bride and groom. So even though you can borrow great ideas from a celebrity wedding, always remember to infuse your event with your own unique style as well.

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June 11, 2012 at 5:55 pm

Celebrity Gifts – A Timeline

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We’re living in the age of the celebrity, and every second of their lives is played out in front of a worldwide audience. Angelina Jolie can’t even put her bins out without someone papping it, so if she decides to give Brad Pitt a waterfall for his birthday it’s hardly going to be a secret for long. Is this a bad thing? Of course it isn’t! We want to know about all the extravagant and crazy gifts our celebrity idols give and receive.

Go back 100 years and this sort of information wasn’t so readily available. Hollywood was only just getting going, and 24 hour news channels were still a lifetime away. The life of the average celebrity was a lot more private, which means their extravagant and ridiculous gifts could slip through unnoticed.

Well they might have gone unnoticed at the time, but luckily for you we’ve done a bit of digging and have managed to produce the ultimate history of the celebrity gift. We hope you enjoy this timeline, it was a blast to create. Alligator from Harrods anyone…

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Celebrity Gifts Timeline

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June 8, 2012 at 2:59 am

Kim Kardashian Another Wedding? Look at her numbers from her last.

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I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about Kim Kardashian and her wedding with that basketball dude, Kris Humphries. It’s quite controversial, really. Lots of folks are criticizing her for getting married, then later filing a divorce in no less than 3 months, making the whole deal seem like a joke. The crowds are overacting, huh? Well, I think the reason why a lot of folks are mad is because the wedding itself was quite over the top! How over the top, you might ask? Unless you’re living under a rock, you could have seen how much publicity the wedding caught – from news, to your television, the whole ordeal was everywhere. What makes it controversial is that they got paid for the coverage. They’ve also spent millions for the wedding! How much, you ask? You should look at this infographic made by to find out – as well as how much would an average American couple would normally pay for each item. You’d be surprised, trust me!

Source: Brilliance Loose Diamonds

Kim Kardashian Another Wedding?

The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns

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Celebrity breakdowns are an unfortunate (and frequent) occurrence, yet everyone loves to hear about them. Understanding the social pressures and reasons why so many celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol is fascinating. While some celebrities may turn to drugs and alcohol as form of escapism, others turn to these addictive substances as a result of a genetic personality disorder. Some celebrities have depression that spins out of control and causes them to want to commit suicide. Others simple have a disdain for the legal process and habitually find themselves in trouble with the law. If you are curious about which celebrities may have genetic personality disorders and which ones are suffering from mental disorders for other reasons, then check out this list of the top 10 celebrity breakdowns. You will learn more about the human mind and its responses to stressful conditions than perhaps you ever thought possible in only a few short minutes!

From: Best Masters In Counseling

The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns

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April 27, 2012 at 3:12 am

The Apprentice Winners – what have They done?

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The Apprentice Winners – what have They done?As has been the case with many a US reality series, The Apprentice has stood the test of time. The words  “You’re Fired” have been uttered in colloquial conversations around the world, as people display their disappointment at someone’s actions. As the twelfth season kicks off in the US, we look back on previous seasons that saw dreams created and crushed. The apprentice winners must have had a mixture of success and failure as Donald Trump threw them into the deep end (with a few hundred thousand dollars to get things going). Here are the winners of the first 6 seasons who wear “The Apprentice” badge.

Season 1

We start with Bill Rancic who won back in 2004. Becoming the first of the apprenctice winners saw him grab the opportunity to manage the construction of the Trump Tower over the other option of managing the Trump National Golf Course in California. He is married to the E! News anchor, Giuliana Rancic and in 2010 he began hosting his TV show, America Now.

Season 2

Kelly Perdew became the second winner of The Apprentice and ended up managing the construction of Trump Place in Manhattan. Additionally he was involved in the new Trump Ice brand of bottled water.

Currently the CEO of, his website offers fantasy sports games to Fortune 1000 companies. He has other online gaming solutions in the pipeline and he also wrote the self-help book “Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles Learned in the Military and Put to Work for Donald Trump.” That’s how you make the most out of being an Apprentice winner.

Season 3

Next on list of prevous apprentice winners is Kendra Todd. As the first female apprentice winner she chose to work at Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

As seems to be a trend with American apprentice winners, Kendra has moved into hosting, more specifically the HGTV series “My House is Worth What?” She also owns a real estate company, The Kendra Todd Group, and regularly reports for Fox on real estate matters. Internet-based ventures also seem popular with previous apprentice winners and Todd has also launched an online company named Grow Rich – God’s Way to help Christian entrepreneurs

Season 4

This season was quite controversial in that Trump was tempted to hire both finalists. The first choice, Randal Pinkett convinced Trump that the show was about finding one apprentice, and consequently he was crowned the winner. The very proactive Pinkett opened his own company called BCT Partners, which deals with management consultancy. He has also written two books—”Campus CEO” and “The No-Money Down CEO.” He is a speaker at many conferences around the country and a prominent host on “CEO Exchange” on PBS. He runs the Campus CEO Challenge that slightly mimics the apprentice, in that the winner is crowned as the most promising young entrepreneur attending a New Jersey school.

Season 5

Sean Yazbeck became the first non-American winner of the apprentice in 2006. The British contender took up a position at the 5-star Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York.

The Apprentice winner opened WAVSYS, a telecommunications staffing company. In addition, he works closely with the charity Voices for Children through the Young Presidents’ Organization in Miami.

Season 6

In the sixth season of the show the winner was chosen as Trump’s apprentice from four finalists instead of two. Stefani Schaeffer was beat out James Sun, Nicole D’Ambrosio, and Frank Lombardi. She was awarded a one-year contract at the Trump Cap Cana in Santo Domingo.

She has hosted many TV and Internet projects since becoming the winner of the apprentice. As The Apprentice She has hosted a web series called “Know Your Rights TV” and worked on a TV show called “The Hidden Jewels of Golf.”  Her good looks and charm have seen her appear on the TV Guide Channel, the Gold Channel, and a website called

There are also a host of UK apprentice winners as the show was introduced there shortly after the US version became so popular. Along with shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor reaching the 20 season mark, The Apprentice has given business driven men and women the opportunity to get ahead in the industry. The apprentice winners are given a major leg up for their efforts, but in many instances even other contestants have used their profile and tenacity to become successful.

Nicky Warner works most of her days slaving away in executive suites, but when she gets a chance she loves to get into the latest TV series, whether it’s a heavy drama-related season or some competitive reality show. She’d definitely work Business Center Germany if her job took her there, but only if she could still get access to all her viewing comforts.

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