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Whitney Houston’s Death Benefits Dolly Parton

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NEWARK, NJ - FEBRUARY 17:  A portrait of Whitn...

NEWARK, NJ – FEBRUARY 17: A portrait of Whitney Houston at Whigham Funeral Home for a private viewing for her mother Whitney Houston on February 17, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room at The Beverly Hilton hotel on February 11, 2012. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Since Whitney Houston’s death, Dolly Parton has seen an increase in her songwriting royalties for penning the track, “I Will Always Love You“.

Parton originally wrote the song in the 1970s and Houston’s remade it in 1992 where it topped the charts. The song again reached the top of the charts after Houston passed away in February because the fans again purchased the popular song.

Parton shared that she was distraught when she learned of Whitney Houston’s death. She has since revealed that she has received a substantial payout from this smash hit.

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Star Sunday, Parton said that her earnings increased tremendously since Whitney Houston’s death because there have been several Best Of albums including the song; and she shared that different artists have been recording the song.

Parton continued to say that the sales really increased since her death and she was grateful to God as well as to Whitney for giving such a powerful rendition of the song. She also added that the song pays for her hair, wigs and make-up.

Dolly Parton is worth approximately $400 million but she admits that she still needs to work to take care of her big family, because no one could ever actually make the kind of money that she spends.


The Death Of Whitney Houston And The Grammys

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English: Whitney Houston in Milan. Português: ...

English: Whitney Houston in Milan. Português: Whitney Houston em Milão. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LL Cool J spent the night preparing for the Grammy’s because he had been selected to be the host for the Grammy Awards of 2012. During his preparation, he received a startling call in which he found out about Whitney Houston’s death. Once the rapper and actor heard the news, he decided to switch up the beginning of the ceremony, starting it off with a prayer for the late Whitney Houston, especially since the music industry had now suffered such a huge loss as a music icon passed away.

The decision LL Cool J made has been added into a documentary that portrays the way that Whitney Houston’s death right before the Grammy’s changed the awards ceremony. The Grammy Awards are known for being the biggest awards ceremony for the music industry and for a music legend to die directly before, there was a huge impact. A documentary has been made about the changes that had to take place due to her death, which is referred to as A Death in the Family: The Show Must Go On. The documentary film was made in the LA area.

While LL Cool J decided to start the ceremony off with prayer, he was not sure exactly how he was going to make it happen. He asked his wife for her opinion and she believed that it was a good idea. LL Cool J simply was not sure whether or not the executive producer of the Grammy’s, Ken Ehrlich, would be fond of the prayer idea. He decided to go with it anyway. After all, the CEO of The Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, made it clear that Whitney would want the Grammy’s to continue even though she passed. Portnow says that Houston would have said, “It is all about the music and the show must go on.”

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July 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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