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David Arquette Fills Out, Strips Down for New Movie

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Actor David Arquette released the beast of a new body on Nov 5th with a Tweet giving thanks to his celebrity personal trainer, Jon Paul Crimi. Alongside was a photo of a loincloth-wearing Arquette on the set of his new independent film, Orion, all wrapped in rusty chains.

“Thanks for helping me get in shape for my film, Orion,” Tweeeted the 41-year-old Arquette in front of a cluttered, otherworldly scene from the movie.

Crimi wasted little time in replying: “You’re welcome buddy! We had a blast.”

A little later, Crimi added, “Also, it’s weird seeing you with so much on!”

To which Arquette shot back, “It kind of is.”

The movie follows a Mad Max-style path, with Arquette in occasional bondage gear as a hunter trying to find his brother in a post-apocalyptic netherworld — a role that was filled by some of the more hardscrabble streets of Detroit, Michigan.

One of Arquette’s Twitter followers, Markimus BenShalamar, was quick to describe the background behind Arquette in the photo as “a futuristic Sanford and Son.”

David Arquette 1

Lily Cole, of Snow White and the Hunstman fame, also appears in the flick, which is said to explore the idea of a world with no real infrastructure like electricity, sewer treatment or regular water supply. For his 2009 debut, Redland, Director Asiel Norton won a Jury Prize at the Raindance Film Festival for best debut feature and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and a Grand Prix des Ameriques award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

It’s unclear why Arquette was all dolled up in bondage gear and equipment for the photo, though. It couldn’t have felt too weird, what with forays into the realm of World Wrestling Entertainment in 2000, 2002 and as recently as 2010. He actually was WCW World Champion for a few months in 2000, though some “purists” of the “sport” put the blame partially on him for why WCW’s Nitro was a failure.

Wisely, Arquette has worked primarily as a real actor, not a fake wrestler. Perhaps best known for his role as Dewey Riley in the Scream horror franchise, Arquette met his wife Courtney Cox during the making of the first installment in 1996. This past summer, after a two-year separation, Arquette finally filed for divorce.

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