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Home Invader Targets Taylor Swift

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The American country singer/guitarist Taylor S...

The American country singer/guitarist Taylor Swift, with her Taylor acoustic guitar made of Acacia koa wood, at the Maverick Saloon & Grill in Santa Maria, California, June 16, 2006 by Dwight McCann / (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although Taylor Swift was not home at the time, the 24 year old man who climbed the fence of her Nashville home on December 14 undoubtedly hoped she was, and apparently told police that he wanted to celebrate the singer’s birthday with her.

The date was the singer’s 23rd birthday, and she was not at home as she was celebrating in London, with her boyfriend Harry Styles.

The intruder was apprehended at 145am and charged with trespassing; he has been named as Jacob Kulke.

Kulke told police that he was actually the boyfriend of the famous singer, although he was detained by Taylor’s security staff until the police arrived at the house.

Kulke also supposedly traveled by bus from his Wisconsin home to Nashville, in the hopes of catching Taylor at home. He also tells authorities that he was communicating with those in the Nashville home, by using social media.

Kulke now faces a $10,000 bond and is currently in jail.

TMZ learned that the home invader has previous convictions for drug possession, disorderly behavior and battery and was undergoing a 13 month probation period.

Taylor Swift is not the only celebrity to be stalked by a home invader; a supposed friend of Miley Cyrus climbed over her fence in September, armed with scissors. Jason Luis Rivera told police that he was the singer’s husband and had known her for five years. Apparently, this did not go down too well, as Rivera was given 18 months in prison, in October.

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