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Home Invader Targets Taylor Swift

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The American country singer/guitarist Taylor S...

The American country singer/guitarist Taylor Swift, with her Taylor acoustic guitar made of Acacia koa wood, at the Maverick Saloon & Grill in Santa Maria, California, June 16, 2006 by Dwight McCann / (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although Taylor Swift was not home at the time, the 24 year old man who climbed the fence of her Nashville home on December 14 undoubtedly hoped she was, and apparently told police that he wanted to celebrate the singer’s birthday with her.

The date was the singer’s 23rd birthday, and she was not at home as she was celebrating in London, with her boyfriend Harry Styles.

The intruder was apprehended at 145am and charged with trespassing; he has been named as Jacob Kulke.

Kulke told police that he was actually the boyfriend of the famous singer, although he was detained by Taylor’s security staff until the police arrived at the house.

Kulke also supposedly traveled by bus from his Wisconsin home to Nashville, in the hopes of catching Taylor at home. He also tells authorities that he was communicating with those in the Nashville home, by using social media.

Kulke now faces a $10,000 bond and is currently in jail.

TMZ learned that the home invader has previous convictions for drug possession, disorderly behavior and battery and was undergoing a 13 month probation period.

Taylor Swift is not the only celebrity to be stalked by a home invader; a supposed friend of Miley Cyrus climbed over her fence in September, armed with scissors. Jason Luis Rivera told police that he was the singer’s husband and had known her for five years. Apparently, this did not go down too well, as Rivera was given 18 months in prison, in October.


David Arquette Fills Out, Strips Down for New Movie

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Actor David Arquette released the beast of a new body on Nov 5th with a Tweet giving thanks to his celebrity personal trainer, Jon Paul Crimi. Alongside was a photo of a loincloth-wearing Arquette on the set of his new independent film, Orion, all wrapped in rusty chains.

“Thanks for helping me get in shape for my film, Orion,” Tweeeted the 41-year-old Arquette in front of a cluttered, otherworldly scene from the movie.

Crimi wasted little time in replying: “You’re welcome buddy! We had a blast.”

A little later, Crimi added, “Also, it’s weird seeing you with so much on!”

To which Arquette shot back, “It kind of is.”

The movie follows a Mad Max-style path, with Arquette in occasional bondage gear as a hunter trying to find his brother in a post-apocalyptic netherworld — a role that was filled by some of the more hardscrabble streets of Detroit, Michigan.

One of Arquette’s Twitter followers, Markimus BenShalamar, was quick to describe the background behind Arquette in the photo as “a futuristic Sanford and Son.”

David Arquette 1

Lily Cole, of Snow White and the Hunstman fame, also appears in the flick, which is said to explore the idea of a world with no real infrastructure like electricity, sewer treatment or regular water supply. For his 2009 debut, Redland, Director Asiel Norton won a Jury Prize at the Raindance Film Festival for best debut feature and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and a Grand Prix des Ameriques award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

It’s unclear why Arquette was all dolled up in bondage gear and equipment for the photo, though. It couldn’t have felt too weird, what with forays into the realm of World Wrestling Entertainment in 2000, 2002 and as recently as 2010. He actually was WCW World Champion for a few months in 2000, though some “purists” of the “sport” put the blame partially on him for why WCW’s Nitro was a failure.

Wisely, Arquette has worked primarily as a real actor, not a fake wrestler. Perhaps best known for his role as Dewey Riley in the Scream horror franchise, Arquette met his wife Courtney Cox during the making of the first installment in 1996. This past summer, after a two-year separation, Arquette finally filed for divorce.

Whitney Houston’s Death Benefits Dolly Parton

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NEWARK, NJ - FEBRUARY 17:  A portrait of Whitn...

NEWARK, NJ – FEBRUARY 17: A portrait of Whitney Houston at Whigham Funeral Home for a private viewing for her mother Whitney Houston on February 17, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room at The Beverly Hilton hotel on February 11, 2012. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Since Whitney Houston’s death, Dolly Parton has seen an increase in her songwriting royalties for penning the track, “I Will Always Love You“.

Parton originally wrote the song in the 1970s and Houston’s remade it in 1992 where it topped the charts. The song again reached the top of the charts after Houston passed away in February because the fans again purchased the popular song.

Parton shared that she was distraught when she learned of Whitney Houston’s death. She has since revealed that she has received a substantial payout from this smash hit.

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Star Sunday, Parton said that her earnings increased tremendously since Whitney Houston’s death because there have been several Best Of albums including the song; and she shared that different artists have been recording the song.

Parton continued to say that the sales really increased since her death and she was grateful to God as well as to Whitney for giving such a powerful rendition of the song. She also added that the song pays for her hair, wigs and make-up.

Dolly Parton is worth approximately $400 million but she admits that she still needs to work to take care of her big family, because no one could ever actually make the kind of money that she spends.

The Apprentice Winners – what have They done?

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The Apprentice Winners – what have They done?As has been the case with many a US reality series, The Apprentice has stood the test of time. The words  “You’re Fired” have been uttered in colloquial conversations around the world, as people display their disappointment at someone’s actions. As the twelfth season kicks off in the US, we look back on previous seasons that saw dreams created and crushed. The apprentice winners must have had a mixture of success and failure as Donald Trump threw them into the deep end (with a few hundred thousand dollars to get things going). Here are the winners of the first 6 seasons who wear “The Apprentice” badge.

Season 1

We start with Bill Rancic who won back in 2004. Becoming the first of the apprenctice winners saw him grab the opportunity to manage the construction of the Trump Tower over the other option of managing the Trump National Golf Course in California. He is married to the E! News anchor, Giuliana Rancic and in 2010 he began hosting his TV show, America Now.

Season 2

Kelly Perdew became the second winner of The Apprentice and ended up managing the construction of Trump Place in Manhattan. Additionally he was involved in the new Trump Ice brand of bottled water.

Currently the CEO of, his website offers fantasy sports games to Fortune 1000 companies. He has other online gaming solutions in the pipeline and he also wrote the self-help book “Take Command: 10 Leadership Principles Learned in the Military and Put to Work for Donald Trump.” That’s how you make the most out of being an Apprentice winner.

Season 3

Next on list of prevous apprentice winners is Kendra Todd. As the first female apprentice winner she chose to work at Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

As seems to be a trend with American apprentice winners, Kendra has moved into hosting, more specifically the HGTV series “My House is Worth What?” She also owns a real estate company, The Kendra Todd Group, and regularly reports for Fox on real estate matters. Internet-based ventures also seem popular with previous apprentice winners and Todd has also launched an online company named Grow Rich – God’s Way to help Christian entrepreneurs

Season 4

This season was quite controversial in that Trump was tempted to hire both finalists. The first choice, Randal Pinkett convinced Trump that the show was about finding one apprentice, and consequently he was crowned the winner. The very proactive Pinkett opened his own company called BCT Partners, which deals with management consultancy. He has also written two books—”Campus CEO” and “The No-Money Down CEO.” He is a speaker at many conferences around the country and a prominent host on “CEO Exchange” on PBS. He runs the Campus CEO Challenge that slightly mimics the apprentice, in that the winner is crowned as the most promising young entrepreneur attending a New Jersey school.

Season 5

Sean Yazbeck became the first non-American winner of the apprentice in 2006. The British contender took up a position at the 5-star Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York.

The Apprentice winner opened WAVSYS, a telecommunications staffing company. In addition, he works closely with the charity Voices for Children through the Young Presidents’ Organization in Miami.

Season 6

In the sixth season of the show the winner was chosen as Trump’s apprentice from four finalists instead of two. Stefani Schaeffer was beat out James Sun, Nicole D’Ambrosio, and Frank Lombardi. She was awarded a one-year contract at the Trump Cap Cana in Santo Domingo.

She has hosted many TV and Internet projects since becoming the winner of the apprentice. As The Apprentice She has hosted a web series called “Know Your Rights TV” and worked on a TV show called “The Hidden Jewels of Golf.”  Her good looks and charm have seen her appear on the TV Guide Channel, the Gold Channel, and a website called

There are also a host of UK apprentice winners as the show was introduced there shortly after the US version became so popular. Along with shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor reaching the 20 season mark, The Apprentice has given business driven men and women the opportunity to get ahead in the industry. The apprentice winners are given a major leg up for their efforts, but in many instances even other contestants have used their profile and tenacity to become successful.

Nicky Warner works most of her days slaving away in executive suites, but when she gets a chance she loves to get into the latest TV series, whether it’s a heavy drama-related season or some competitive reality show. She’d definitely work Business Center Germany if her job took her there, but only if she could still get access to all her viewing comforts.

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March 7, 2012 at 9:57 pm

‘Project Runway: All Stars’ Premiere

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Project Runway (season 8)

Image via Wikipedia

Project Runway: All Stars‘ Premiere: It’s A Whole New Panel For The


The contestants’s faces may have been familiar, but everything else looked all new on “Project Runwa: All Stars” (Thu., 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime).

Project Runway All Stars‘ Premiere: 5 Hot Dresses, 5 Hot Messes


With Thursday’s Project Runway All Stars premiere, Lifetime brought back 13 designers who all believed they were eliminated before their time and now believe they’re the ones to beat this time around.

A Handy Project Runway All Stars Refresher — The Cut


Meet the thirteen contestants trudging back into the Parsons workroom.

Holly Cara Price: Project Runway All Stars: Meet the Designers!


Much as I forswore never again to take on the thankless task of recapping a Project Runway season, we have to watch PR All Stars premiere Thursday January 5 on Lifetime. I mean, how can we not?

Meet Project Runway’s All-Stars! –


Fan favorites are set to vie for top honors starting January 5 on Lifetime.

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January 6, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Snooki Sued for $7 Million

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Snooki at Seaside Heights NJ

Image by NVS_Inc via Flickr

Snooki slapped with a $7 million lawsuit – Pop2it – Zap2it


The suit also claims that she worked too slowly on the branding they did give her, like Snooki school supplies, watches, lingerie (oh dear) and shoes. A Snooki rep told the Post, “Ms. Polizzi disputes SRG’s version of the facts

Snooki Is Counter-Sued! |


Ugh! Their nerve! And around the holidays! SRG Ventures has slapped our heart´s desire, Snooki, with a $7 million counterclaim against her suit, which she and her management company, Neon…

‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki Hit With $7 Million Lawsuit


Snooki may be close to her goal weight of 98 pounds, but that likely comes as little relief in the face of a whopping $7 million lawsuit over a merchandising deal gone horribly wrong.

Snooki Sued for $7 Million Over Merchandising Deal – UsMagazine


SRG Ventures alleges the Jersey Shore star negotiated with other brands behind its back.

Snooki Hit With $7 Million Merchandising Lawsuit –


Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been countersued to the tune of $7 million — the latest maneuver in a legal showdown between the reality star and a merchandising company she once worked…

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